it’s okay to not be okay

i just want to let you guys know: i preach happiness as much as i can. the world cannot have too much joy. however, we can’t be happy all the time. there will be times where we wake up or go to bed with a heaviness in our hearts, a pit in our stomach, and a tear in our eye. and that is 100% okay.

i believe in the power of choosing happiness. i believe if you wake up and choose to be cheerful, then your day will be that way. if you wake up and think of all the negatives floating in your head, then your result will have a bad day. count your blessings the minute you wake up, not your negatives.

but even if we count our blessings and make our favorite coffee, sometimes life just looks gloomier than the last. we may go to bed feeling mentally uneasy and have an urge to lay under the covers and never emerge from the comfort of our beds. and that’s okay.

if we don’t understand sadness, we won’t understand joy. if we are happy all the time, we won’t appreciate the good days, because we would think that’s the norm. but we understand our good days because of our bad days.

we just can’t let it take over our lives.

we can choose happiness each day, but when we have a not happy day, we have to still choose to remove the grief in our chest. because if we don’t, then that sorrow will take over our lives and become a lifestyle.

but remember that even though you did a million things that make you happy in a day, it’s okay to still have anguish in your mind. when you wake up the next morning, it’s your choice to let go of that feeling and start fresh. it’s your choice of how you feel every day.

choose happiness each morning. xo


14 thoughts on “it’s okay to not be okay

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    Hi everyone!
    I found this very interesting page and I want to share with you.
    If you will be happy all the time you will die without knowing that you were the happiest of all….. 🙂 !
    Be happy!
    But not all the time.
    God bless you all.

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